Our new paper has been published in Light: Science & Applications (LINK) (Sep./24/2020). It is highlighted in SCIENCE Codex (LINK).

Press release: Circularly polarized vacuum ultraviolet coherent light generation using a square lattice photonic crystal nanomembrane (July/22/2020) LINK (Optica Vol.7, Issue8, pp.855 (2020))

* Our new paper has been published in APL Photonics (LINK) (selected as Featured Article) (Jun./12/2020). It is highlighted in Scilight (LINK) .

*Press release: Observation of optically induced multiferroicity: Femtosecond laser pulse induces ultrafast transition to ferromagnetic ferroelectric state.(Jan./30/2018) LINK

* A Message from the President (President Makoto Gonokami, Ph.D.) (April/2015) LINK




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